TANNUS Amour puncture protection 3-in-1, 20 x 3.5 – 4.0

TANNUS Amour puncture protection 3-in-1, 20 x 3.5 – 4.0

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  • By installing it between the tire and the tube, it is enclosed 360 degrees right into the rim well and thus offers protection for treads, sides and rims! 

    Puncture protection for: 

    Tire – 75-105 x 406 / 20″ x 3.5 – 4.0, Tube – 60 – 115 x 406 / 20 x 2.4 -3.0, Rim – 50 – 102 x 406 

    All-round protection against punctures, cuts and bruises, up to 15mm at the thickest point, 3-5mm on the sides and 2mm in the rim area 

    free choice of tires and profiles, very light and reusable, support of the entire tire: even with lower air pressure, the armor works against deformation caused by lateral forces, which allows for higher grip and better traction, reduces the risk of snake bites ( e.g. due to a strong impact) 

    patented Aither 1.1 technology: very light high-tech polymer foam with millions of bubbles provides shock and vibration absorption 

    With a deflated hose, it is possible to continue driving over a short and level stretch at reduced speed, easy assembly, anti-trap protection for hose assembly, universal sizes for several widths, if necessary, the lips of the Tannus Armor insoles can easily be shortened to the desired length with scissors. ,Recyclable Weight: 350g Package: 1 piece 

*Farben und manchmal die Modelle der Ersatzteile können aufgrund mangelnder Produktionskapazitäten variieren. Wir können Ihnen versichern, dass die Qualität immer auf hohem Niveau bleibt.

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