204 Vee Rubber E-Speedster Tires 20×4

204 Vee Rubber E-Speedster Tires 20×4

 49.95 69.95 includes 19% VAT plus shipping costs

  • 102×406, 26 TPI, Endurance compound, Electric bike 50, ECE – R75, 8-20 PSI (0.6 – 1.4 bar) 
  • For Customs or Chopper Bikes such as the Schwinn New Stingray. 
  • Here on offer is a tire without a rim! 
  • This tire fits wide CLASSIC CYCLE 20″ rims from approx. 50 mm! However, please ensure that the frame and/or fork can move freely! 
  • Mounted on an 82 rim, the tire is approx. 105 mm wide and protrudes ~ 72 mm over the rim edge, Overall diameter: 590mm 
  • Weight: about 1.4kg, 1 piece 
  • Labeling of the tires may differ from the illustration.

*colors and sometimes the models of the spare parts can vary due to the lack of production capacity. We can assure to you that the quality stays always high level.

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