Leather handles, leather discs, Aluminium

Leather handles, leather discs, Aluminium

 42.95 52.95 includes 19% VAT plus shipping costs

In accordance with traditional leather manufacture, the handles are made of natural leather, the same high-quality leather that is also used for the saddles. The leather handles adapt individually to your hand and allow a high level of breathability. Each handle features approximately 25 leather discs. Aluminium clamping rings with Allen screws on both sides. Plastic stopper.

  • For all beach cruisers, choppers, beach bikes or of course all other bicycles. 
  • For 22 mm handlebars 
  • 130mm long 
  • 1 pair 

*colors and sometimes the models of the spare parts can vary due to the lack of production capacity. We can assure to you that the quality stays always high level.

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