About Us

Who is behind MASTIX?

Robert, Giuseppe and Svetlana

The history of MASTIX starts in 2020 (est. MMXX) with the 3 founders living near Stuttgart/Germany who made novel, attractive and reasonable electric bikes to overcome the present difficulties of heavy traffic congestion, environmental changes and medical problems . MASTIX Bike is more than a group of crazy extremist bike lovers.

Robert graduated in textile design after high school and started his own business as an entrepreneur, while Svetlana got her degree in technical engineering and international logistics, Giuseppe is a bike mechanic but has been a great sponsored BMX rider and in bike retail in the past. They are passionate snowboarders, longboard riders, climb in summer and love mountain biking trails. They covered all areas of extreme sports such as BMX, skateboarding and aggressive inline skating.

They immediately saw a gap in the market for quality electric bikes with the potential to be used for extreme sports, jumping and racing, as well as city bikes for big cities at fair prices. According to several surveys, they are revolutionizing the electric bike market; The MASTIX bikes are an electric BMX bike combined with urban flair!

We will continue to promote new, modern designs and, with your help, become an industry leader, thanks in large part to the many customer advocates who have become an integral part of our team. Thank you for starting with us. The best is yet to come!

From the left: Giuseppe, Svetlana and Robert

MASTIX is not just the expression of an electric cross bike. It's a fashion and lifestyle bike that will change your biker life-


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