It could be any combination of electric motor and traditional human-powered bicycle, but it turns out “eBike” means very specific things in different parts of the world because regulations define when a bicycle turns into a moped or motorcycle—subject to registration, insurance, and motor vehicle codes. Stay under the local regulations for power addition to a bicycle, and your bicycle-plus-electric-motor is just a bicycle, as far as the law is concerned. The difference could save you hundreds of dollars a year in fees and insurance.

As to why you need an eBike, the reasons are manifold, but three are very compelling. First, in most dense urban environments, eBikes have proven to be the fastest ways to get around cities, beating autos, buses, subways, and rail over most distances up to the 4- or 5-mile range. Second, they’re efficient and cheap to operate. A typical eBike achieves somewhere around the 2,000 MPGe on the EPA’s electric vehicle fuel economy rating, about 20 times better than a Tesla and 100 times better than a typical gas-powered auto. A 10-mile round-trip commute takes about 2 cents of electricity at typical prices. And, finally, pedelec-style eBikes still require you to get a little exercise. You can pedal as hard or as meekly as you’d like, but any work you do is exercise you wouldn’t get in a car. All while having fun doing it!

No, MASTIX e-bikes are surprisingly quiet! When the rider pedals and the motor turns on to assist the rider’s power, you can only hear a low hum.

Our company is a trade enterprise. We have two factories as manufacturing partner, one in Hong Kong, the other in Germany. Our trading company is in Boennighein/ Hofen near Stuttgart Germany. We manufacture the frames in China. With the help of one of the best German industry partners, one of the most renowned workshops for people with disabilities, we also create an opportunity for this association with our hearts to give people with disabilities the joy of building the MASTIX electric bike of your dreams and being able to do one Part of the money for this will also be provided by people with disabilities and be part of our green future.

We’ve learned that many crowdfunding projects face some huge challenges when they reach the shipping stage. We’ve taken all these challenges into consideration and applied few steps to guarantee a smooth transition from production to shipping. As an example we’ve partnered up with on of the worlds largest forwarders, who will cover the entire transportation from factory to your doorstep.

We unfortunately cannot please all potential backers as there are areas of the world where we are unable to deliver the MASTIX Bike – we regret this, but we cannot fight against local regulations etc. 

Yes, SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – 30 DAY RETURN POLICY. At any time before we do not send you the confirmation Email that your bike is starting with the production process, you get your full refund. After the production process started, we cannot stop the supply chain, and you just can return your bike by following step by step our return policy.

Alloy frame 36 months world wide, motor, lithium battery, LCD, controller, lights, suspension, brakes and other parts beside brake disc, chain, tires, and other parts of stronger usage –  24 months EU orders (International orders).

DC/Output:42V2A  –  AC/Input 100-240V  – Charging times:6-8hours  

Are you serious? It doesn’t matter who we grew up with on the BMX Track and we want to pass that on to you. You are the ones who create new trends. Ebikes are mostly basic, you can jump, ride, but ours are ohhh yeaahh!! We want to bring individuality and character to the ebike market. The more extreme the better for you Girls and Boys. MASTIX is made from a solid and strong frame and has 20 inch wheels. The drivers are between 155cm and 190cm tall and the maximum weight of the load force is 150kg.

We don’t skimp on brand components or quality – we have the best brands on board. Thanks to our know-how of having found the best sales channels and shopping opportunities, we can say that our bike is just as high quality as the global players. Still, with the difference that we don’t want to enrich ourselves with you, we want you to have an attitude towards life mediate and that has no price!

Please contact our customer service and fill out the specific reclamation sheet. We assist you further. Our experienced technical support team can identify the issue and send you immediately the broken part as we have all spare parts on a regular basis in stock.

Our Modern lithium-ion batteries (Panasonic, LG, Sanyo, Samsung) can be easily recharged without showing a voltage drop when partially discharged. They can easily be loaded at any time. Even a premature termination of charging does not harm them. The batteries have up to 500 charging cycles.

Our bikes weigh around 25 kg. With our design we have managed to save weight, since other e-bike systems, e.g. a standard e-bike in the same category, weigh far more and are not nearly as fast and agile on the road as a MASTIX.

Other fat bikes, cafe racers and cruiser pedelecs usually have a larger drive and generally require more space and therefore weight. In addition, there are the legal equipment such as mirrors or their massive handlebars and frame panels and much more, which we do not have here.

Our bikes are all equipped with a thumb trottel. That means, if you are tired and you want to take a rest it is possible to use and drive only by using the thub trottle gas. Please be sure that this is allowed only within the regulations of your country. By European law it is allowed to have the thumb trottal gas attached on your bike, but not to use it.

Much like writing an essay or story, sometimes the hardest part of going riding is just getting started. If you’re on the fence about whether you have the energy to get out for a pedal, the knowledge that you can count on electric assist to complete the trip, should you need it, is enough assurance to get you off the couch and out the front door. And once you get moving, you’ll likely be energized from the feeling of the wind in your face, the torque from your electric motor, the passing scenery, and the hum of the tires below you. Before you know it, you’ll be saying to yourself, “I can’t believe I almost didn’t go for a ride! What was I thinking?”

Even though e-bikes do have an electric motor, they are still bicycles – not scooters. They require input from pedaling in order to provide the desired level of powered assist, up to a certain speed. In Europe, an e-bike must have a motor with a maximum power of 250W, assisting the e-bike to a maximum speed of 25 km/h. In the US, e-bike motors can have a max of 750W and assist up to 20MPH (32km/ph) When on an e-MTB, if you are coasting downhill, that means the motor is not adding any assistance, so you will not go faster than you would on a normal bike.
The e-bike with its Bafang motor 250W (EU) accelerates you up to a speed of 25 km/h. This is due to legal reasons, since e-bikes with motors that support speeds of up to 25 km/h are classified as mopeds. The pedal support then stops and higher speeds have to be achieved with your own muscle power. Thus, at least on flat stretches, the average speed increases only minimally. With gradients and wind you are clearly on the move thanks to the support. But no matter what the road conditions, a more relaxed ride is guaranteed. According to §1 paragraph 3 StVG, a pedelec that only reaches the 25 km/h limit with your pedal assistance and has a maximum motor power of 250 watts is considered a bicycle under traffic law and can therefore also be used on cycle paths. The US version goes up to 35km/h with its 750W.

Sure! It is all up to you how much exercise you get on an e-bike. There are several options to challenge yourself physically if you want to. Y ou can use your e-bike without any support or in Eco mode and still feel your legs burn. You can do several laps on the same ride. You can ride farther and longer with an e-bike. On your e-bike you are encouraged by the speed/fun factor, and you can keep going. If you weren’t riding an e-bike or regular bike before, what would you be doing otherwise?

We’ve gone out of our way to be able to offer you unseen prices for such a high quality product. We’ve done so without compromising the slightest component. We’d like to offer our early backers the best reward possible. As such we will start this campaign by the lowest prices possible and will increase the prices each week, until we reach the planned Indiegogo prices – which is still significantly lower that recommended retail price.

Please note that the prices shown at this site are without customs, shipping and any applicable local taxes. Once you’ve pledged for the bike you want and the campaign is successfully over, we will send out a survey to confirm you shipping address, your choice of colour and any other detail needed for building you a bike.

Our goal is to offer a cool, reliable and good looking bike. We want to help change the way we commute and we want to offer a way to make daily transportation safe and fun. 

We want to do our best to reduce the number of cars on the roads and lower carbon dioxide emissions. We want to breath fresh air. Beside that we offer disabled people the possiblility to have a great oppotunity tob e part of our manufacturing process, by the fact that we esseble the ebikes i a well known non profit organisation of technical enineerings in the south of Germany.

After your oder is processed, and you received the confirmation that the production started,  it takes another 40 days to 50 days, depend on model and quantity.

Yes, we have all parts list available for our models

Every electric bicycle has CE/EN15194 certificate for EU (CE EN15194 250W Motor)

You can create the MASTIX of your dreams. We have different battery strengths, motors and also kits/conversion sets. This means that with our Limited Edition Accessory Sets you can give your bike the individual touch it deserves. You also have the opportunity to express special requests when placing your order and to let us know. We’ll do our best to build you the mastic you’re sure to get the hype on the street. We will regularly surprise you with new color combinations as far as our conversion sets are concerned, which leave nothing to be desired.

To find out which e-bike is right for you, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you looking for a bike for the city or for touring?
  • Do you want to do full sports activities on your bike?
  • Would you like to cycle short or long distances?
  • Do you mainly ride on asphalt or do you also like gravel and forest paths?
  • How much can your e-bike cost?

All the answers are MASTIX Bike!

Thanks to its robust construction, the strong tires, the bike has excellent stress resistance and thus you can make any terrain unsafe with the MASTIX. We rely on a slim and sleek design that offers the driver maximum driving comfort and, above all, remains agile and sharp in his movements. We are not a mountain bike, we are not a massive trend bike with a not adjustable seat bar, or a foldable bike- we are MASTIX – A design bike – JUST YEAAAHHH!!! Whether pothole or gravel road. The Air Shock suspension fork shows you every deep hollow and you can also stand stunts with it. And the price speaks for itself when you look at the others.

We do not charge shipping costs; Shipping is set depending on your destination. Mainly the shipping costs are included in the retail price. If not is an exception and mentioned, and separately calculated/ added to the retail price at the checkout.

A mid drive motor is located in the middle of the bike in between the pedals at the bike’s bottom bracket and is designed to drive the cranks or pedals and transfer the motor’s power to the rear wheel via the chain drive and needs often maintainance or a regular service check. Not the MASTIX Hub motors, which are known for high performance, torque, and more durability when compared to mid drive motor. Our Bafang Hub Drive Motor is maintainace free.

E-bike batteries can be charged at the conventional socket (US/EU). An adapter is recommended for trips abroad. Charging in restaurants is usually no problem for consumption and is free of charge. If there is no special charging station, it is advisable to ask the operator whether and where the battery can be charged.

Mastix batteries can be charged in two ways. Directly via the Mastix charging port (charging socket) or by removing the battery from the e-bike. If the battery is charged via the charging socket, the charge status will automatically appear on the display. Other important infromation about battery charging, you can find in our our fact sheets and user manual.

It is clear that we were developing prototypes and we tested all different kind of parts
and componets and also different kind of colour combinations. That is why the bikes can have different colour options. For intance the Colors of each individual part can have an other tone and color intensity. Not all parts have the same colour tone e.g. the golden handlebar is sprayed gold tone and the pedals are eloxaded gold, so there is a different gold tone, as well as the bottel is in chrome gold. The golden Tube of the front suspension fork, is just availible for the special edition rainbow/ oil slick, gold and Black/ White or you need to purchase it separatly for an additional 100 USD. The Basic Tube oft he suspension is black.

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