Customer Service

Answers to various queries will be discussed on this page. We will continually be updating this part to help you discover the appropriate answers that you need. 

At MASTIX Bike, we value our remarkable client support. We guarantee to put forth a valiant effort to treat you with fairness, patience, and respect in every interaction  

MASTIX claims all authority to deny assistance or to sell our items, to any client who gets aggressive, impolite, or insolent. This can include however may not be restricted: to suspension of guarantee, issuance of a refund, or potentially end of accounts/orders.

1. Before you purchase

Why purchase a MASTIX Bike?

MASTIX BIKE makes another line and disturbs the ennui of the unhandy, granny, and costly e-bicycle market by making bicycles cool, adaptable, and reasonable. 

The MASTIX Bike combines the best quality, rough durability, and moderateness while being a fanatic joy to ride. The bicycle has been a moment hit with our clients and industry specialists! 

MASTIX isn’t your standard Bike. MASTIX is the consequence of transforming the richly oversimplified design with imaginative innovation. Experience the zapping/electric sensation of freedom.

Cool And Practical At The Same Time

You might be confused if you should purchase a MASTIX – however, there are a couple of things you will be 100% sure of: These bicycles make heads turn and are amazingly upbeat to ride! They will welcome a grin all over and also, they’re exceptionally practical. The unique design, easy access, and ability to update your MASTIX guarantees an interesting way of life and useful item in one. 

You get the best cost for an electric MASTIX and what you get is more than a bicycle. 

We generally sell directly with no brokers. This means you get lower costs and a superb incentive for cash. 

When you purchase a MASTIX you in a split second join a group of thousands of Bike devotees. Request to become a member in our Facebook Backers forum and you’ll approach an entire universe of accommodating individuals ready to help you with tips and tricks. Furthermore, this is only the start. We are promised on giving both a magnificent bicycle and an extraordinary network and client service. 

There are not many Bike organizations committed to worldwide shipping. We are not completely there yet however we are endeavoring to guarantee that individuals everywhere in the world can hit the roads on a MASTIX. 

We’ve also built up a custom Bike Guard box ourselves, to guarantee your bicycle gets to you in mint condition. For an overview of countries we ship to please click here

2. Buying a MASTIX second hand

Second-hand ownership

If you’ve purchased second-hand MASTIX, then should understand the following:


Warranty just applies to the first proprietor of the MASTIX bicycle. Accordingly, if any part is damaged we won’t have the option to give you any new parts except if you pay for them. This arrangement is additionally stated in the proprietor’s manual in the guarantee part (on the off chance that your second-hand MASTIX came with the proprietor manual). In conclusion, this approach is common among most bicycle organizations.


Although we can’t give you any free guarantee parts, you’re free to contact our Customer Service group for any issues you have as long as you are in control of the first receipt of purchase. We likewise urge you to download the MASTIX Assistant where you –in addition to this helpdesk – can get tips to keep up your bicycle in the most ideal manner.


3. Pre-Orders

When pre-ordering an item from our site your card will be charged in the full cost of the total purchase amount immediately.

During pre-orders MASTIX Bike gives an estimate of when items may ship. We can change the assessed shipping date at any time without notice.


4. Bike Performance Disclaimer

The bicycles recorded range and maximum speed are estimates (not ensures) of excellent performance. Performance will differ with rider weight, freight weight, rider/payload shape (both add to drag), terrain,   tire pressure, brake adjustment, throttle versus PAS usage, pedal power, battery charge level, surrounding temperature and wind conditions. Under specific conditions it is conceivable to get ranges and maximum speeds that are unique in relation to the recorded estimates.


5. Credit Card Chargebacks

If a Mastercard chargeback is mentioned on an order, and the client is as yet possessing the item or items within the order, the chargeback, refund, or credit won’t be prepared until the item has been returned to us. On the off chance that we determine the client will hold the item, the guarantee might be suspended inconclusively dependent on the sole caution of MASTIX Bike. By and large, once the chargeback is settled the guarantee will continue from the first date of shipping as mentioned in the guarantee with no augmentation for the time the guarantee was suspended.


6. Direct to Consumer Model

MASTIX Bike is strictly a direct to shopper business. Some other substance endeavoring to sell or circulate MASTIX Bikes is unapproved. On the off chance that you buy your bike through a broker/third-party then it won’t be covered under the guarantee because the guarantee just applies to the first buyer.


7. Liability Disclaimer

Riding any type of bike can cause dangers and threats that can’t be predicted or evaded. These perils could bring about a serious accident, injury, or even death of the rider. It is the sole duty of the rider to turn out to be appropriately educated and prepared to ride safely. Once possessing the bicycle, MASTIX Bikes emphatically supports and suggests that all clients have a certified and reputable bike repairman who has a full assessment of every part on the bike to guarantee it is safe for the ride. MASTIX Bike makes no claims or ensures that the brakes, battery, frame, engine, engine regulator, LCD Display, electrical links, electrical link housings, fasteners, grips, fork, stem, shifters, headset, seat post, seat post clamp, handlebar stem clamp, saddle, wheel hub, handlebars, spokes, rims, tires, tubes, derailleur, freewheel, cassette, throttle, kickstand, lights, reflectors, hardware, bottom bracket, or some other part or accessory, will be appropriately safe and changed on arrival. 

Prior to every ride completely examine your bike to guarantee everything is secured and adjusted properly. Under no conditions is MASTIX Bike liable for any risk resulting from harmed, defective, or inappropriately secured parts. This includes yet isn’t restricted to, damage to individual property, individual injury, or death.


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