Payment Options

Buy Now Pay Later Bike Brands You Can Buy Online Today

When you shop at MASTIX Bike we offer you a whole range of payment options made suitable for you. Perhaps the most attractive of these is the hire purchase. True to the motto: buy now and pay later. If you order in installments from MASTIX, you will benefit from a service that not everyone can offer you in this form. You can determine your monthly rate yourself and how many rates you would like to pay!


Order from us in installments and your wish for a MASTIX bike can come true! We process your order quickly and unbureaucratically. As a rule, payment in installments can be made without a down payment and without proof of salary.


Buying in installments, paying in installments online, paying in installments online, paying in installments, paying in small installments: whatever you call it:


Fulfill your wish and we will help you to realize it- it couldn’t be better.

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