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Battery guidelines

On this page, we will give you tips to get the most ideal range on your battery. You’ll also find advice on how to charge and store your battery in winters.


How to maximize Battery Range

A few elements can impact the range of your MASTIX’s battery. On the top of this list is amp battery you have and how you ride your MASTIX. Different variables like climatic conditions, landscape, towing weight, and obviously display settings.

To get benefits from your battery in terms of both range and shelf life, while expanding the shelf life of key electrical parts, for example, engine and regulator, we suggest please have a look at our following guidelines to assure the best performance of your battery life:

  • BE ACTIVE in riding your MASTIX. Your MASTIX need your human power achieve all goals of your ride. Try to power your pedals and the engine of your MASTIX in a regular way, that helps a smooth way of driving and not to stress your engine with overpowering or hard boost in a constant way without pedal assist. Keep the balance between pedal assist and engine power and you will have a long-lasting range and battery life. This will give you maximum range and joy.
  • When pedaling, try to keep a higher RPM (cadence) to additionally limit strain on the engine from torque overload.
  • When riding tough, set it to the most minimal (simplest) gear conceivable and help the bicycle out by investing in any event 60% energy (particularly on steep slopes).
  • Use the throttle just for a short period time of time– and just on a flat or rolling terrain, not uphill. Using just throttle for a longer period of time or up slopes will make the battery rapidly deplete and probably overheat the engine which may cause damage. If you notice your engine is overheating, promptly stop and slow down the bicycle to allow it to cool down prior to proceeding with your ride.

Other Guidelines
  • Always keep your tire pressure set at the right estimation of bar (or psi). It is best to check pressure each week.
  • Have a look at your cables. They are all plugged? Great! Please check also if there are no cracks and that all cables are in a good condition.
  • Periodically check all bolts to make sure that they are tight.
  • Be sure to regularly check the brake pads to spot if they are required to be replaced or are rubbing against the brake rotor (which can significantly lower battery range).


Battery Care in Winter

During the winter, we suggest that you:

    • Adjust your ride accordingly, to account all the more immediately exhausted battery during winters. Like telephones and other Lithium-Ion controlled gadgets, the battery on your MASTIX will encounter changes in extreme temperatures.
    • To get the most range out of your battery during winters, start your engine at a room-temperature bicycle. This means bringing your battery (and in a perfect world your bicycle) inside the house during winters.
    • Before charging, consistently allow at least 2 hours for the battery to get ready to room temperature. NEVER charge your battery when the surrounding temperature is below 5°C/40°F
    • When storing the bicycle for a long time, it is ideal to store the battery – in a perfect world along with your MASTIX – in a cool, dry zone (out of direct sunlight) that is between 10°C – 20°C/50°F – 70°F. Charge it to 70% prior to storing. Like clockwork, charge the battery back to 70%. Prior to using the battery again, charge it totally. This will maintain the soundness of your battery.
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