Service/ Maintainance

A bicycle’s life is characterized by the care and love you’re putting into it, that is the reason our bicycles are intended to captivate as well as allow simple adjusting and maintenance. Just on the off chance that you follow the rules guarantees the long life and best performance of your MASTIX Bike.



Please find all the important facts about your bike in the manual. If you have further questions, don’t stop for a second to get in touch with us. 



Shipping costs and terms (Crowd Funding orders)

For our overall terms and conditions please look at our Shipping Information. For data explicit to shipping please check the details below.


If you have ordered your bicycle on Crowd Funding Platforms and your request has been affirmed in our system, and you have paid your obligations and VAT, there are no additional charges except if you live in a far off area where an extra delivery expense, so as cutom duty tax might be required.


Non EU / US

If you have requested your bicycle on Crowd Funding Platforms and your order has been affirmed in our system, you will be sent an installment/payment link, here we will explain to you which custom duty tax or VAT charges needs become paid during the delivery process, or while transportation and the picking up of your parcel.


In Addition please note for all Countries:

Expenses are liable to change as neighborhood laws change and for certain distant tends to dispatches will request an extra charge to be paid and MASTIX claims all authority to give in certain cases these charges to the client.


If your Box/Bike is Damaged upon Arrival.

Damaged or incorrect bike

If your MASTIX is delivered with any damaged parts –inspite of caused during shipping or from the processing plant. 

At the point when you get your delivery, kindly check the case for 1. any outer damage and 2. that the name has your right bicycle recorded. 

If there is any recognizable damage to the box you MUST not accept it so the courier can return the bicycle to us for investigation and substitution. 

If you received your bike as a parcel and if you did not decline the package directly at delivery

In these cases

 – Regardless if the box is damaged or not 

– Please send us a message containing the following information:

    Please enter the details of your request. We will respond as soon as possible.

    This is very critical in order to help you out so please take the time to fill it out properly and make sure to add pertinent documentation (photos) and comments – also if your package arrived damaged by the courier.

    On the off chance that the crate/box is damaged, at that point record a case with the dispatch and email us the case number. This is significant in terms of recognizing who is to pay for the damages and it will assist us to ensure better deliveries going ahead.

    If something from your order is not fitting as it should be you received the wrong bike or parts

    If your bicycle is delivered with missing parts or incorrect parts you need to fill in this form

    If the bicycle itself (frame/body) is inaccurate, for example, some unacceptable colors or broken, you need to email customer care at contact@MASTIX.bike and give photograph documentation of the issue so we can help you out

    The Shipping process Step-by-Step


    When your bicycle arrives at the port our local couriers handle the delivery starting there onwards. As we use various couriers in various countries we can’t give a step-by-step clarification and estimated timeframe in all cases however please check the example for the US to get an essential understanding.                     

    For the EU there are a couple of extra steps because of the intricacy of delivering to individual countries. The bicycles should be offloaded, named, and re-stacked to the individual distribution centers from where they are dispatched to the last mile courier.

    I want to know where my bike is? (Crowd Funding Platform Orders)

    The most common question we get is:

    “Where is my Bike?”

    We understand why you need to know where your MASTIX is at but please show restraint– we are striving to get bikes delivered as soon as possible.

    When your bicycle leaves the production office they are stacked/loaded onto holders and ready for their sea cargo. Now you will get an email with a notice appropriately.

    The overall sea transportation time from our production office to the US and EU is:                      

    • US: 3 a month 
    • EU: 5 a month and a half 

    Following they should clear customs, get off-loaded, handled, and past on for last-mile delivery. You will get a tracking number when your bicycle is prepared for last-mile delivery.

    While your bike arrived at its main destination port/ post office/ postcode area and is further transferred to your final address:
    • We do not and cannot facilitate the delivery of individual orders or requests.
    • If you enquire Customer Service about the specific status of your bicycle production/delivery it is impossible we can respond to you quickly and just in rare cases we are able to provide detailed individual answers.

    We kindly ask that you don‘t contact our local courier partner. Please show restraint and wait for them to send you a tracking number once your bike is prepared for last-mile delivery

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