Terms of Service


MASTIX Bikes should be drive in accordance to the manual provided with the bicycle.

MASTIX Bikes warrants that Bikes will be free from all imperfections in material and workmanship for a year from the date of shipment. Any remaining commitments and liabilities, include commitments for significant damages, are therefore rejected.


The guarantee is non-transferable and just applies to the first proprietor. This guarantee may differ by area. Damage brought about by neglecting the directions and alerts gave by MASTIX Bikes isn’t covered under guarantee.


The battery guarantee does exclude harm from power surges, use of 3rd party charger, inappropriate maintenance, or another such misuse, typical wear, or water damage (such as rust).

Accessories sold on MASTIX Bike are not covered under guarantee (besides in case of shipping harms).

Stolen bicycles are not covered under guarantee.

The bicycle and battery should not be exposed to sever climate conditions. Exposure to sever wet, hot, or cold conditions may void the guarantee.

We will change any parts considered to have been damaged during shipping. Shipping damage should be reported to MASTIX Bikes within 14 days of shipment arrival. This applies to all items including bicycles and adornments.

You won’t be refunded as remuneration for your time or endeavors supplanting damaged parts.

New parts won’t be sent until a photographic proof has been given to MASTIX Bike. MASTIX Bike may demand extra documentation, (for example, video) to help with precisely diagnosing the issue and handling the guarantee.

Most guarantee parts are satisfied 1-3 days after the request is placed into our framework by a customer service representative. Guarantee parts are sent using USPS First Class, FedEx Express, or FedEx Ground depending upon the size of the part. Guarantee parts won’t be assisted.

Products like the chain, tires, wheels, tubes, battery handle, brake pads, links, and lodging, grasp, and spokes are considered as wear things. These wear things are not covered under guarantee. You are answerable for supplanting and maintaining these wear things and those spare parts in case of a failure cannot become clearly evidenced if a demage accured to material failure or wrong handling.

For Guarantee Administrations, Kindly contact MASTIX Bikes online help by email at contact@MASTIX.bike

Bicycles or parts returned without appropriate documentation may bring about postponed service or denied guarantee coverage. Guarantee return shipping costs along with obligations and expenses are the duty of the petitioner. All unapproved returns will be refused.

Note that your insurance policies may not give inclusion to mishaps including MASTIX Bike. Damage as a result of mishap isn’t covered under this guarantee. 

MASTIX Bike reserves the right to change its warranty at any time and without notice.

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