Mastix One White Limited Edition

Mastix One White Limited Edition

109 cm/43″ x 165cm/65″

2.5 hour quick charge

6-8 hour regular charge

More than 1000 charge cycles

24 KG / 53 LBS

264 Pounds/ 120 KG

*colors and sometimes the models of the spare parts can vary due to the lack of production capacity. We can assure to you that the quality stays always high level.


Smart LED Display

Get full transparancy on the ‘status’ of your ride on the smart LCD display. The waterproof display gives you a shreable, full ride report after each ride.

  • 1-5 Pedal Assist Lavel
  • Speed
  • Battery Life
  • Distance
  • Temperature
mastix battery


Mastix Bike comes with a 48v/14aH Samsung, Panasonic or LG Cell battery. You can charge without removal from the bicycle. It hides neatly inside the frame with a locking mechanism.

  • 2.5-hour quick charge
  • 6-8 hours regular charge
  • more than 1000 charge cycles

Fat Tires

MastixOne bike is equipped with 4.0 ”x 20.0” Anti-Pincture fat tires for the ultimate. The tires that gives you infinite comfort and helps you to smooth your ride.

  • Comfort
  • Grip
  • Handling
  • Control


Put maximum power behind your daily adventure with the 250W/750W BAFANG engine, Samsung Battery 20AH,  (JB) JiBo Motor 60V and 1000W Motor, Torque 115N.m up to 50 km/h that optimized to driver industry-leading torque of 35Nm/80Nm


Brake System

Brake with less force and more control using just one finger!
Mastix Bike’s light-touch Brake system has front and rear 160MM/180MM Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, including levers and calipers for the smoothest braking!

Air Suspension

Make MastixOne bike uniquely yours by adjusting the front suspension to match your weight and riding style then the eBike’s air suspension smoothes out the hardest rides.


Front suspension3.94 inches
Wheels20 inches
LCD display2.6 x 3.8 inches
Frame 606 | Aluminum Alloy, High-Step Type
Motor Torque750W: 80Nm, 250W: 32Nm and1000W: 115Nm upto 50km/h
Charger 250W: 48V 2A
Initiating Mode Pedal-Assist and Thumb Throttle
Head Light
LED, 3-Watt, USB Charger
Tires20 x 4 inches
Handlebar9.8" BMX Hight-Strength Hiten Steel
Motor BAFANG 750-watt(US) and 250-watt(EU), (JB) JiBo Motor 60V
Pedal Assistance Five Assist Levels
Battery Samsung | 8650 35E 3500 MAH, Lithium NCA, 20AH
Gearing Shimano 7-Speed
Tail Light LED, 3-Watt


Mastix Bikes uses a direct path to market to maximize cost Efficiencies, Bringing high-quality vechiles to costumers at an economical price. MASTIX is renowned for exceptional costumer servie, and our products are supported with a one-year warranty/two-years for EU orders.


*Quick charger not included, sold separately, these prices are excluding shipping costs, which will be calculated at the checkout.

*If you choose to have more range for your Mastix bike and the bigger battery pack of 16AH, please be aware that the special 500ml colored design bottle for your MASTIX is not fitting anymore inside the bottle holder. Instead you get our 350ml Version.

Why might your MASTIX BIKE range vary from our indications made here? Not all riding conditions are ideal and equal. It is natural for the estimated range of your Mastix to change as it is impacted by a range of factors. These include:
• Total weight and weather.
• The terrain and the type of surface and tyre pressure.
• Riding style

*The Mastix aluminum bottle is not fitting anymore at your Mastix Bike and it is delivered with our 350ml bottle, the headlight is fully adapted and there is no need to charge the light. It comes with a USB port to charge your phone.

• 48V 250W for EU Orders/EU street legal
Max. speed limited to 25km/h.
• 48V 750W for US Orders/US street legal
Max. speed limited to 35km/h.
• 60V 1000W -NOT STREET LEGAL- It can be used in private terrains/property and roads without a street permit only
Max. speed limited to 45km/h.

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